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Sintering equipment

Our company can design and manufacture supporting equipment for the main processes of the sintering process, and has the design and manufacturing capabilities for the main equipment required for each process such as batching, mixing, sintering, crushing, cooling, beneficiation and transportation. Sintering machines and supporting equipment of various specifications of 18-500㎡ can now be produced.

Ring cold equipment

The ring cooler is suitable for all types of sintering machines. Used to cool the crushed sintered materials. The ring cooler has the characteristics of small footprint, compact equipment, high overall utilization rate and low cost.

Bucket type elevator

Bucket type elevator

How long is the service life of belt conveyors and how to extend their use

This is a question that many customers often ask, because the service life of the belt conveyor will be affected by many factors, so it is impossible to give an exact unified time. Then the common factors that affect its service life

Mine belt conveyor machine structure design and installation of what standard?

In the structural design and installation of mine belt conveyor, it is necessary to follow a series of standards and specifications to ensure its safe and efficient operation, in line with relevant national standards and regulations: the design of mine belt conveyor should strictly abide by the "Mine Belt Conveyor Design Code", "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" and other relevant national standards and regulations.

Characteristics of roller conveyor and its application in packaging industry

The roller conveyor is mainly composed of a roller, a frame, a driving device, a driven device and a transmission chain. It has the following remarkable characteristics: Strong conveying capacity: The conveying capacity of the roller conveyor mainly depends on the size and quantity of the roller, which can be customized according to actual needs, so it is especially suitable for large-volume and high-efficiency logistics transportation.

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